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LiveLyte Patient Success Stories

Valerie, 45 lbs and counting

Valerie weight loss success

I’ve struggled with weight most my life – I was not obese but always overweight and not happy with my appearance. As a kid, I was skinny but started gaining weight as a teen. I’ve lost and gained weight on and off ever since.

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Marlene, 46 lbs and counting

Marlene OPTIFAST weight loss success

Recently, my best friend moved back to Maryland and when she saw me the first words out of her mouth were, “Oh Marlene, you let yourself go!” So I stepped on my bathroom scale and saw that I weighed 171 lbs!

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Shelly, 52 lbs and counting

Shelly OPTIFAST weight loss successMy story is probably the same as yours. Got married, gained weight. Had babies, gained weight. Moved, gained weight. Empty nest, gained weight. Health problems, gained weight. Early retirement, you guessed it, gained weight. 

I can't begin to count the number of times I've lost 20lbs on other diets and then gained it back plus more. I should have a life time membership to Weight Watchers just because I've joined so many times. I would always hit it hard and have good immediate success, then get discouraged when the loss slowed down and I'd quit.
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Dr. Emily Ulmer at LiveLyte Medical Weight Management offers a proven method of rapid weight loss, backed by years of bariatric medical research and success. The LiveLyte Program offers New Direction prescription meal replacements in conjunction with medical monitoring. On our staff, we have a lifestyle specialist, dietitian, and exercise specialist that will help you make and keep the lifestyle changes and ensure you maintain your weight loss for a lifetime.