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Superfood Alternatives: Nutritional Density at Lower Cost

Superfoods have become a hot topic in nutrition because they are nutritionally dense and provide compounds that may help with weight management in Crofton. Unfortunately, these in-demand foods are often pricey and hard to source locally. Knowing what makes them special can help in locating more common foods that provide the same benefits.

Goji Berry

These small, red berries have been hailed by centuries of Chinese physicians for anti-aging properties. Though most claims remain unproven, goji berries do contain more carotenoids per gram than carrots.

If Goji Berries are proving themselves to be difficult to find, there are less expensive options are available. Well over 200 percent of daily vitamin needs can be obtained through a half-cup of boiled spinach. The same amount of kale provides nearly as much, and one raw carrot has 175 percent of the daily requirement.


Algae has long been a source of the B vitamins that fortify foods, and the Inca civilization reportedly met their protein requirements with it. Spirulina is a form of algae that contains over 70% of balanced and complete protein.

Quality sources of spirulina can be expensive, and buying spirulina on the cheap can be dangerous since this superfood can easily be contaminated by toxic metals. The same nutrition is available at a much lower cost through eggs, yogurt, lean meats, almonds and soybeans.


This berry from the rain forest was one of the earliest superfoods to be identified, and it has become common in weight management beverages. Those who use it are content to pay the extra cost, because anthocyanins in acai berries have shown remarkable potential. Studies suggest they may be effective in reducing the risk of heart disease and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Anthocyanins are not unique to acai, and nearly all red, purple and blue fruits and vegetables contain some. The best common sources are radishes, blueberries, cherries and grapes.

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