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New Food Pyramid for Healthy Eating

The 19 year old USDA's food pyramid has been replaced with a brand new symbol for healthy eating called MyPlate. The new symbol intends to show Americans that healthy eating doesn't have to be overly complicated or confusing. Further, the old pyramid tried to convey too many nutrition guidelines at once, which seemed overwhelming for some people. The hope is that the new symbol will also help overweight and obese people with their weight loss goals.

The MyPlate symbol is a simple circle that's divided into four sections: protein, grains, fruit, and vegetables. MyPlate is intended to represent a typical dinner plate, including the portion sizes for each of the four types of food groups as placed on the dinner plate. The new visual cue will make it easier for Americans to know what consists of a healthy dinner, and more importantly, put healthy eating into practice.

Sugars, oils and fats are no longer listed on the MyPlate nutritional guidelines, and the meats and beans section has been replaced with the more neutral and vegetarian friendly term "protein." There's also an added blue circle that is displayed next to the plate labeled "dairy," which represents a glass of milk or other dairy food, such as cheese or yogurt.

The different sections represented on the plate are displayed in different proportions, showing a visual cue for the amount of each food group every meal should encompass. Every individual has unique nutritional needs based upon health, age, weight loss goals, and other considerations, so check with your Annapolis physician on the right proportion size for you.

Other guidelines include encouraging people to reduce salt and saturated fat intake, while eating smaller portions, which will be helpful for people who are trying to lose weight. It's also recommended that people fill up half of their plate with fruits and vegetables.

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