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The Medical Weight Management Difference

For many people, weight loss has become a roller coaster ride of shedding pounds one day only to regain them, and probably more, the next.  If you are caught in the yoyo diet routine, you know the frustration and disappointment that it brings.

LiveLyte Weight Management has a serious solution

Using a weight management program tested in over 80 clinical studies and used successfully by over a million people, LiveLyte offers one of the most effective medical weight management programs available. We are committed to helping you achieve long-lasting weight loss through a combination of nutrition management using  meal replacement formulas, controlled and effective rapid weight loss under the guidance of a qualified bariatric physician, and guided lifestyle change to ensure the health improvements you make today last well beyond tomorrow.

Meal replacement products that taste great and keep you healthy

To start and maintain weight loss, LiveLyte uses New Direction® meal replacement formula. New Direction is recognized as the gold standard for medical meal replacement formulas and has a twenty-two year history helping people maintain their weight loss.

Meal replacement formula provides:

  • High-quality, complete nutrition
  • Pre-portioned and calorie-controlled servings
  • Quick and simple preparation
  • Freedom from having to make food choices

Some people are skeptical about using a meal replacement formula as part of a weight management program.  However, we find most people quickly adapt to the change and find the increased energy and rapid weight loss powerful motivation for completing this phase of the program.

Safe Effective Weight Loss with Medical Monitoring

Throughout your program, Dr Ulmer will continue to evaluate and monitor your progress to ensure you safely maintain maximum weight loss.  As your weight decreases, medications that you may be taking for cholesterol, blood pressure, or diabetes may be reduced and in some cases can be stopped completely. 

Medical monitoring includes:

  • A thorough preliminary medical examination and any necessary lab tests to determine your health status and rule out any risk factors.
  • A personalized weight loss plan, based on your health status and weight loss goals.
  • Continued guidance and medical monitoring of your progress, health, and wellbeing throughout the course of treatment.
  • Communication with your primary care physician, as necessary.

Skillful guidance for achieving long lasting lifestyle change

Achieving weight loss is a feature of many diet programs. Maintaining the weight loss for the rest of your life is not.  In fact, non medical weight loss programs have a dismal record for long-term success because the most of them fail to recognize that without lifestyle change, the weight will return.

Your long term success is our commitment.

LiveLyte offers a range of personal support and lifestyle education options available throughout your program. Some of the features include:

  • One-on-one counseling sessions with a physician, registered dietitian, or lifestyle counselor.
  • Small group discussions led by a health care professional.
  • Peer support from current and past New Direction participants.
  • Educational materials created especially for New Direction patients.
  • Customized activity plans appropriate to your fitness level and schedule.

We understand the challenges you face and the obstacles you must overcome to achieve a healthier life.  Together we can face these challenges and you can achieve the same success that over a million other overweight people have achieved in programs like LiveLyte.

Office Location: 2000 Medical Parkway | Suite 605 | Annapolis, MD 21401 | Phone: 410-266-5667

Dr. Emily Ulmer at LiveLyte Medical Weight Management offers a proven method of rapid weight loss, backed by years of bariatric medical research and success. The LiveLyte Program offers New Direction prescription meal replacements in conjunction with medical monitoring. On our staff, we have a lifestyle specialist, dietitian, and exercise specialist that will help you make and keep the lifestyle changes and ensure you maintain your weight loss for a lifetime.