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Marlene's Weight Loss Success 

Marlene after losing 46 pounds at Livelyte 

Recently, my best friend moved back to Maryland and when she saw me the first words out of her mouth were, "Oh Marlene, you let yourself go!"  So I stepped on my bathroom scale and saw that I weighed 171 lbs!

I was also having problems with sleep apnea, and a doctor wanted to take out my tonsils and make my palate larger.  In addition to everything else, my love lofe was suffering - the love of my life for 30 years was not spending very much time with me.

That was it - I knew I needed to do something about my weight!

When I mentioned my need to lose a lot of weight, Dr. Emily Ulmer, my family doctor of many years told me about her LiveLyte Medical Weight Management Program.  It was a way to lose weight FAST and without being hungry!  That was for me!  I started on the Program in June of 2008.

Every week I lost weight!  When I finished the LiveLyte Program at the end of September, I weighed only 125lbs!  I had lost 46lbs!!!  I could scarcely believe it!  Now instead of a size 18 - 20, I'm in a size 10!

So now I'm busy giving away all my "fat person" clothes!  What fun!  I think I look great, my love life is back, and I feel so much better than I have in years!  Thank you Dr. Ulmer and LiveLyte!

Office Location: 2000 Medical Parkway | Suite 605 | Annapolis, MD 21401 | Phone: 410-266-5667

Dr. Emily Ulmer at LiveLyte Medical Weight Management offers a proven method of rapid weight loss, backed by years of bariatric medical research and success. The LiveLyte Program offers New Direction prescription meal replacements in conjunction with medical monitoring. On our staff, we have a lifestyle specialist, dietitian, and exercise specialist that will help you make and keep the lifestyle changes and ensure you maintain your weight loss for a lifetime.