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Basic Tips for Cutting Calories

Most people today are unhappy with their weight. Many Anapolsi residents want to lose weight because they know that being overweight poses health risks. Others want to lose weight because they want to improve their appearance and feel better about themselves. If you are one of the many people today who are unhappy with their weight, then cutting calories is a good place to start! Here are a few nutrition tips to help you get back to the basics of a low calorie diet.

Saving calories during breakfast:

Breakfast options are polluted with high calorie sugary substitutes. Opt for a healthier choice by skipping the donuts and pastries and finding a piece or fruit or egg whites instead. Many people do not realize how many calories are in fruit drinks. There are 165 calories in a glass of orange juice. If you crave fruit in the morning, try eating an orange instead of having juice with added sugar. A medium-sized orange only has 62 calories. Many people desire coffee in the morning. To cut calories skip the latte and heavy cream and go for a cup of plain coffee with skim milk instead. If you require sweetener opt for honey over sugar.

Saving calories during lunch:

If like to have sandwiches for lunch, make sure that they are made with whole-wheat bread. You should also avoid putting mayonnaise and cheddar cheese on your sandwich. If you can't make it a day without a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then make sure you are using all-fruit jam that has no added sugar. This can cut a great deal of calories without sacrificing any taste!

Saving calories during happy hour:

It is important to be cognizant of the fact that many alcoholic beverages are filled with calories. You should swap out a higher calorie beverage for a lower one. For example, vodka-cranberry which only contains 117 calories can be substituted for a strawberry daiquiri, which contains 230 calories.

Saving calories during dinner:

When you are cooking meat, make sure that you trim the fat. By just removing the skin before eating your baked chicken breast you can eliminate 50 calories! Also, turn off the deep fryer and break out the grill. Fattening oils and breading will add a bunch of unneeded calories to your meal. Marinate your chicken in lemon and olive oil and grill the meat instead of dropping it into the fryer.

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