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Is Spousal Sabotage Affecting Your Weight Loss

Losing weight is difficult enough without having a spouse who sits down with a bowl of chips in front of the television, happily munching away, knowing that their metabolism can quickly burn off those calories or that they just don't care. New resolve to eat better can be made much more difficult if you have a non-supportive spouse or one who sabotages your efforts. There are, however, some things you can do to stay on track with your weight loss goals.

Keep Busy

Finding a craft or hobby to keep your hands busy while watching TV is an easy answer to avoiding snacking. By keeping your hands busy you're giving yourself something else to focus on, and the temptation to snack will be greatly reduced.


Your spouse may not be aware of how their eating habits is sabotaging your efforts to lose weight. A conversation with them, outlining your goals and what they can do to help, may be all it takes to get you back on track.

New Activities

Finding a way to involve your spouse in what you're doing is a great way to keep you on your weight loss plan. If eating out was something you both enjoyed, consider still eating out but change the kinds of restaurants that you go to. Choose instead ones that offer healthier meals rather than fatty and fried; there are plenty available in Annapolis, MD. Or, encourage them to go with you on an after dinner walk. Show them that you're still interested in doing things together.

These tips should help you with encouraging your spouse to be supportive of your goals, or at the very least to reduce the sabotaging of your efforts.

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