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Are We Eating Well?

Many Americans would like to think that they are health conscious, but the truth is we really don't do enough to make sure we eat well and lose weight. A recent report by a national news organization surveyed customers in grocery stores and found that although people have good intentions, it does not lead to the right choices.

Obesity has become an epidemic in the United States, and Annapolis is not immune. Over 26 percent of Marylander's are now obese. The intentions are there. Everyone wants to be healthy and actually believe they are. A recent report from Consumer Reports Health noted that 90% of the 1200 people surveyed said they eat healthy, but 6 out of 10 were actually overweight or obese.

We may be fooling ourselves because of several reasons. We do not pay enough attention to labels when we shop and eat out. The nutritional information is there to give us a guideline of what the product contains. While some may pay attention to those numbers, using the product in the correct proportions is just as important.

The national news report also noted that 75% of the people surveyed chose the wrong food altogether when actually put to the test. Many people chose the higher calorie bagels over the sugary sweet glazed donuts. The perception was that the donut, because it was desert, had more calories than the bagel. The bagel actually had 40 more calories. 80 percent chose a portion of pretzels over a portion of the popular candy M&M's only to find the pretzels were about 30 calories more.

The intention for Americans to be healthy and lose weight is there and in the future we will have some more help when the newly passed health care reform law begins to require restaurants to display nutritional information such as the amount of calories for items on their menus. Weight loss is a matter of making the right choices and with the information displayed prominently the choices become easier to make.

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