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7 Ways Meditation is Like Fitness

Most people associate incorporating a fitness routine into their life with weight loss. While that is part of the story, another chapter includes mediation-like benefits that are a byproduct of fitness. Let's look at seven ways fitness resembles meditation.

1. It is a "zen-like" experience. Meditation revolves around calmness and relaxation. Have you heard of the "runners high"? After a cardio workout in Annapolis, some people say they experience a euphoric experience from endorphins rushing throughout their body.

2. There are no rules. Whether meditating or participating in exercise to lose weight, you get to choose how to do it. There's simply no right or wrong way.

3. You do it for you. Meditation is usually a solo activity. Although fitness can be a way to compete with others, you can compete with "yourself" while getting fit.

4. It improves your heart rate. Relaxing and calming yourself through meditation is a great way to lower your heart rate. Likewise, when people become more fit, their heart rate often becomes lower, particularly when weight loss is involved.

5. Provides an opportunity to think. Both meditating and exercising give you time to focus on your thoughts, which is especially helpful in today's fast-paced world and busy lives.

6. More people need to do it. Not enough people include fitness in their life, and even fewer meditate. Incorporating both into your life can make you stronger -- physically and mentally.

7. It fits in well with daily life. Both physical fitness and meditation can add clarity, energy, and focus into your life. Both can help to clear your thinking, so you can achieve goals more easily, address problems in your life, or simply enjoy life to its fullest.

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